View from the Tow path walkway


My choice of walking spot today. It’s right by Ferry Road but hard to tell from this view.

5 responses to “View from the Tow path walkway”

  1. Its funny, there was story about the tow path this morning. If you have stroke you will be taken to hospital as soon as possible. 5 months spent in hospital. I had a stroke in 2013 in January.


  2. Beautiful view — so green along the Towpath, but the Port Hills look so very dry this year, and the Heathcote River…(?)


    • We had so many hot days I’m not surprised. It got to the point I was over the heat and looking forward to Autumn. I think the worst day we got was 36 degrees celcius, but I think it was more like 38 degrees at our place!


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