Akaroa Harbour Cruise


Akaroa is one of my favourite places in Canterbury. It’s just 90 minutes drive away. I was meant to go out dolphin swimming for a friend’s birthday (just as a non-swimmer), but it got a bit rough and they recommended non-swimmers give it a miss as the swells on the boat would make us sick. So I hopped on-board the Blackcat Harbour Cruise instead while my friends swam with the Hector’s dolphins.


This is a white-capped albatross – it landed beside the boat and checked us out.

DSC03971 DSC03988

The smallest dolphin in the world – the Hector’s dolphin, They are also very quick and hard to photograph.


Hector’s Dolphin swimming under the bow of the boat.


My friends swimming with the Hector’s dolphins.

4 responses to “Akaroa Harbour Cruise”

  1. Looks like things actually worked out really good in your favour, and the dolphins and scenery you captured are quite an inspiration! Also I will have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever seen a photo of the Akaroa Yacht Club and the lighthouse from the middle of the harbour too — make me want to visit Akaroa in a big way!


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