Christchurch Art Gallery Re-Opens


Closed for five years due to our earthquakes, the Christchurch Art Gallery re-opened today. It’s so good to have our public art gallery open – it was a place I often went to and it was great to see some of my favourite artworks hanging on the walls.

2015-12-19-12.58 2015-12-19-12.59 2015-12-19-13.04 2015-12-19-13.14

3 responses to “Christchurch Art Gallery Re-Opens”

  1. Good to see the Christchurch Art Gallery is finally open again, and great to see you are back to posting again after such a seeming long otium/sabbatical – The timing!

    And I see Chapman’s Homer (the bronze bull) by Michael Parekowhai has taken up residence indoors now – excellent setting for such an iconic work of art!


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