Spring in the Botanic Gardens


It was officially too nice of a Spring day to sit at a computer all day long. So I took off to the gardens for some exercise and some photos.


As you can see lots of people were making the most of their lunchtime break to wander around the gardens.


The daffodils are looking stunning right now.


A wax eye in a blossom tree in the gardens. They have quite the feast.


3 responses to “Spring in the Botanic Gardens”

  1. Michelle, I believe you’ve outdone yourself with that second picture which displays such a great expanse of daffodils — this is going to be a difficult one to top in the future! I once had a good run of photos a few years back and have never been able to top them since. You may have seen some of them a couple of years ago when the site I was posting them at was still up and running. I miss those days. *sigh*


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