Cross Signal with a Countdown


This crossing on Colombo Street has a countdown timer so you know how much longer you’ve got to cross. Apparently they’ve been there for at least a month, though I’ve only just noticed the timer!

6 responses to “Cross Signal with a Countdown”

  1. We have them here too. I was passing through one the other day with a guy toting a cane behind me- that intersection really doesn’t give enough time for a person who has to walk slowly like he did.


  2. We have them in my area too. What would really look awesome in a picture is if you can ever find one with a Countdown supermarket in the background. I have an idea for a video too which Countdown may like if you ever find such a juxtaposition, if you know what I mean 🙂


    • That would be an interesting concept. I think we are about to get new lights in our area – and we’re not far from a Countdown supermarket. So you just never know. I hope all of our new lights have this feature.

      By the way, if you walk around Wellington near Parliament, the light crossing signal is our wonderful suffragette Kate Sheppard.


  3. Took a couple of days, but I just now noticed the enclosed pedestrian overpass with the mirrored windows connecting two buildings on opposite sides of the street in the background here — great idea as one doesn’t need to venture outdoors to negotiate crossing the traffic to get to the other building cross the street!


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