Black Swans at Travis Wetlands


There are a lot of black swans at Travis Wetlands, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful or graceful. To me it looked like these two were about to kiss!

2 responses to “Black Swans at Travis Wetlands”

  1. That’s quite a picture! I especially love your use of lighting technique to capture these black swans under the shadows of a tree with only the reflections of the blue skies upon the water whilst letting the background horizon gradually become overexposed into white. I dare say this creates a picture perfect postcard with these swans so perfectly positioned too. Michelle, you just gave me an idea, perhaps a mission in photography that I may have to attempt for myself!

    Albeit I don’t know of any black swans in my area, we do have white swans and Muscovy Ducks which should photograph quite well under similar lighting, so I may have to give this technique a go. Thanks for the beautiful photo and the inspiration!


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