Antigua Boat Sheds


These buildings are the historic Antigua Boat Sheds, where tourists and locals can go and hire a canoe or paddle boat or be leisurely punted down the Avon River. It’s always a picturesque spot but especially so in Autumn. The bridge that goes over the Avon was badly damaged in our earthquakes and has been rebuilt – only just opening last week. It’s certainly great to have the bridge open again – as it makes it so much easier to get across the river.

A Punt glides past the Antiqua Boat Sheds
The Punt also goes through the Botanic Gardens

2 responses to “Antigua Boat Sheds”

  1. I think I see a couple of Muscovy Ducks along the banks of the Avon River in that last picture! For such odd looking ducks, I really like these docile creatures. All together that’s quite a collection of beautiful autumn scenes you’ve captured at and nearby the historic Antigua Boat Sheds. Well done indeed!


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