Mona Vale Gardens in its Autumn Glory


The Mona Vale Gardens are located in Fendalton (not far from the central city) and are very English in their styling with the Avon River meandering through the park and lots of Autumnal trees and green grass. It’s a thoroughly pleasant place to be on a warm Autumn day. I made sure to sit for just a moment and actually enjoy the views.


There’s a rose garden, a pond with a water fountain/statue and lots of mature trees and landscaped gardens. It’s also full of birdlife – in particular the cheeky little fantail that I spent at least 20 minutes photographing to get about 4 ok photos (they are very fast movers). I can never seen to get a photo with its fan spread out. One day though!


I think I could spend all of my time photographing gardens and never tire of it. I have often thought that if money was not an issue (won the lotto for example) I would travel the country and the world photographing the world’s public gardens.



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