Steam Scene at McLeans Island


This afternoon I ventured out to McLeans Island for the ‘steam extravaganza’ that was Steam Scene. It was a heck of a lot of fun as we got to ride on the mini trains. Lots to look at too especially the traction engines and the wonderful Quo Vadis steam machine – which I have now seen in action in Oamaru, Napier and now Christchurch! There were also some wonderful Clydesdale horses there.

2 responses to “Steam Scene at McLeans Island”

  1. Steam Scene looks like heaps of fun indeed, and with a lot of interesting subjects to photograph as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if you filled up your camera’s memory card and then some. Events and places like these can become quite habit forming, as I should know. Love your photos!:)

    I’ve also been to similar events, one of which is the annual Southeastern Old Threshers Reunion in Denton, North Carolina which is absolutely huge and even after days of repeated visits one still can’t see it all. As for events on the scale of Steam Scene’s ‘steam extravaganza’ these are a bit more manageable, and are the kinds I enjoy best as they also seem to be much more intimate by comparison too.


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