Food Truck in Cathedral Square


The Christchurch City Council is trialling a five month ‘Friday Night Food Truck’ – it commenced in October and goes through until March. The goal is to add vibrancy back into the central city. There were a lot of trucks there even at 4.30pm when I walked through today. I didn’t stop even though the smells were ridiculously tempting.

One response to “Food Truck in Cathedral Square”

  1. We’ve had something similar to this which we call a ‘Food Truck Rodeo’ for the past few years but at intervals of about once every six weeks during warmer weather seasons, usually about four per year, and these tend to draw in huge crowds looking for a good excuse to go downtown and enjoy some great tasting food, and like you said the smells are ridiculously tempting! And so far they’ve been a huge success especially for the merchants who have permanent shops and business in the areas where these Food Truck Rodeos are held.


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