Totara Estate near Oamaru


Located just south of Oamaru on State Highway One, Totara Estate is the birthplace of New Zealand’s frozen meat export industry. I’ve driven past the entrance to the Estate many times, but today I decided to finally drive in and have a look. I discovered a series of historic buildings and a fascinating story about a problem two countries had and an innovative solution. The year was 1882 and New Zealand couldn’t consume all of it’s sheep meat, meanwhile England couldn’t easily feed a growing population. The estate tells the story of these early agricultural entrepreneurs with a number of displays. There’s even some extremely friendly sheep (they can be hand fed). Well worth the visit and I think there’s something there for everyone.



2 responses to “Totara Estate near Oamaru”

  1. Something about Totara Estate seems unusually familiar to me although I know I’ve never actually been there – can’t explain exactly what it is. Great captures — I may have to look this place up online at some time in the upcoming future as my curiosity is now piqued!


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