High Tea at Pink Sugar in Oxford


I was in Oxford today with my Photo Club, and got to enjoy the wonderful High Tea at Pink Sugar – we had two small children with us and I was really impressed with their servings of high tea and the cute milk shakes they got. Our food was wonderful too – though I think I ate too much!



A cute pink milkshake for the kids.


This is the high tea serving the children got – it seemed to be pretty popular with them.


This was the two person adult serving of high tea. It was delicious and no need for lunch after this!


4 responses to “High Tea at Pink Sugar in Oxford”

  1. I’m enjoying your photos of Christchurch. Right now I’m hungry for high tea! Your work keeps my dream of visiting NZ one day in the forefront of my long term vacation plans.

    As a thank you I thought I’d share a link to Photo-Eye Bookstore with you. If you don’t know it, I think you’ll enjoy it. The bookstore and gallery are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They feature an amazing variety of books by art photographers working in traditional and conceptual styles. I subscribe to their email and always find interesting, inspiring, and challenging work. http://www.photoeye.com/bookstore/

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Seattle. – MM.


  2. Hi Mark, glad to hear you are enjoying the photos, and as the song by ELO says “hold on tight to your dreams.” Yes, showing my vintage there!

    Thanks for Christmas wishes, hope you had a lovely holiday break. And thanks for the link, I’ll have to check it out when I have a quiet moment.


  3. I know can’t the only one who thinks that teapot looks absolutely mint! …and you captured it and everything else here so perfectly too.

    Great set of photos!


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