A day at the Melbourne Zoo (more from Melbourne)


Spent the entire day at Melbourne Zoo today – getting there at 9.30am and leaving about 4pm. You really do need an entire day to do this wonderful zoo justice. I honestly don’t know what was my favorite part, but the butterfly house with butterflies landing on my head, hand and hand bag was pretty darn cool!DSC07289

I’m not usually much of a fan of reptiles, but the reptile display was fascinating!


Loved seeing pelicans swimming in the ponds.


A butterfly on Bruce’s hand!



Orangutan! I think he was feeling the cold as he kept hiding under the sack he then put over his head.


A Mandrill (Mandrillus Sphinx) – from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.


Little Penguin!


Brown Bear – this was a highlight.

Other highlights were the Gorillas, I didn’t get any good photos of them but got to watch them sitting down a lot (as they do).

So that’s just a selection of the photos I took. What a big day out! Highly recommended.


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