The Isaac Theatre Royal


I was very excited to see that some of the scaffolding has come down from the The Isaac Theatre Royal on Gloucester Street. The theatre is being restored after the damage from our earthquakes. According to media reports the theatre will re-open November 17th of this year.


2 responses to “The Isaac Theatre Royal”

  1. I couldn’t help but to quickly notice in the link you provided to The Isaac Theatre Royal that The Best of Jethro Tull (17 & 18 December) has already sold out as The Isaac Theatre Royal being the setting, is about if not the best combination with this performance that one could possibly get — totally perfect atmosphere for such a legend as Ian Anderson to unleash his ongoing masterpiece! I can only hope plans are being made for live video recordings to be made for later editing to produce a worldwide release on DVDs for those who were unable to be so fortunate to attend and witness this beyond epic event in person. I’m not sure the people who do have tickets yet realise how fortunate they are!!


    • Got to admit, I’m not that familiar with the Jethro Tull – somewhat before my time! Though I’ve seen some pretty excited comments from people that are going to the concert.


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