Royal Spoonbill on the Estuary


My shot of the day and a stroke of luck. I was coming back home from a meeting and right by the estuary in Ferrymead were two Royal Spoonbills. I’ve never been able to get such a close up photo as they are normally too far off or take off on me. I took this one from sitting in the car with the window down.

2 responses to “Royal Spoonbill on the Estuary”

  1. Michelle, you’ve been on a roll lately with all these great photos!

    Your shot of the day? That’s more like once in a lifetime! Absolutely fantastic capture!

    This reminds me of a time about 7 years ago when I snapped a few shots of a Great Blue Heron at very close range (only a couple metres away) and even snapped a photo (using only one hand) of a jealous Canada Goose swooping in to attack it while I was attempting to toss out some tasty treats. You may have seen those photos towards the end of my photo archives when the image hosting site I was using was still up.


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