Sunset with the Ferrymead Bridge


Another lovely warm day today, I even heard a few cicadas clicking away. All rather surprising considering how close we are to winter.

With warm days we often get lovely sunsets, and tonight I could only see part of the pink sky but the part I could see was reflected in the Heathcote river along with reflections of the very large crane they installed a week or so. It will be another year before the bridge is finally completed – many years after they first starting on improvements.

One response to “Sunset with the Ferrymead Bridge”

  1. The sky colours are lovely here indeed. Seems your timing was perfect too as just yesterday I was ‘driving’ in Google street view with my music cranked up along Ferry Road (as of 2012) across the bridge and towards the city centre until I could go no more and then turned left onto Barbadoes Street to see what was left of the Catholic Cathedral as of then — that is until I noticed Sugarloaf with its transmission tower on top up at Summit Road in the distant background way down beyond the end of the street (and then off to another Google street view virtual journey). As for the Ferrymead bridge, it has indeed been taking a very long time for the improvements to be getting underway!


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