Rapaki Track Walk


Another big walk today – this time up the Rapaki Track. The track starts off Rapaki Road which is off Centaurus Road. It’s a popular track with walkers, runners and cyclists. It always takes me at least 1.5 hours to do the return trip (that’s if I’m walking quickly). Though you go uphill most of the way, it’s a fairly gentle up hill until the very end (see the picture above). The view from the top (where it meets Summit Road) is worth every step though.


View from the top of the Rapaki Track.


On the way down you get wonderful views of the city and the sea.

6 responses to “Rapaki Track Walk”

  1. I absolutely love these picture you’ve been posting from the Port Hills lately — Beautiful!

    In today’s view from the top of the Rapaki Track, I can almost make out one of the old shipwrecks just offshore to the right of Quail Island.

    …and Happy New Year!:)


    • Hi Robert, glad to hear you are enjoying the Port Hills photos. It’s certainly one of my favourite places and Quail Island is an interesting place to visit too. Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year to you. I would also like to say thanks for all your pictures throughout the year. Always look forward to seeing your posts, thank you.
    Also, have you tried the Farm Track, not too far from Repaki, great views.


    • Hi Keith, Happy New Year to you too… glad you have been enjoying the photos, there will certainly be more in 2014…

      If the farm track runs parallel to Rapaki, then yes, I think I have done it before.


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