Back to the Bridle Path


The Bridle Path re-opened in the last few days. It was closed after the February 2011 earthquake, as parts of the track were in the direct path of some very large rocks that were shaken loose by all of the quakes. It’s a long time for a track to be closed, especially one that is so loved and popular in Christchurch. It’s quite the work out and is a great bit of exercise if you are needing to get in shape for tramping or just want to get fit. The track now has a ‘no stopping’ zone (due to a section being a rock fall risk), but I like to think of it as an exercise motivator! I managed to make it all the way up without stopping (I took the photos on the way down).

At the top of the track I was rewarded with a lovely view of a rainbow over the harbour.


I took my little camera with me, and unfortunately it got a little bit rained on, as it started raining at the top of the track. Parts of the track are a bit muddy, and as usual there bits of shingle that make it slippery. So I’d highly recommend some decent boots or shoes for the walk if you go up.



One response to “Back to the Bridle Path”

  1. Love the great views from the top! Also in a few of the photos in the collage I can almost make out the tracks left by somebody’s mountain bike — now that’s a real workout! …but it does have its rewards when its time from the trip back down again, albeit it doesn’t take very long to reach the bottom as compared to the trip up.


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