A Stunning Sunset Tonight

We get a lot of stunning websites in Canterbury. But tonight’s was truly spectacular. Everywhere I looked the sky was pinking up and there was a large shaft of yellow beaming up into the sky where the sun was setting. I have not been able to fully capture that beam, but I think the first image is probably the closest I got to it.

The wonderful thing about tonight was when I turned around in a different direction I got a new completely different sky.

Over to the east and overlooking the estuary at Ferrymead, the sky got all pinky.

To the south looking over the hills the clouds were all dramatic and pink.

Wherever I looked there was a new and wonderful photo opportunity waiting to be taken full advantage off. I wondered if I would ever actually get to do my grocery shopping – which was were I had been headed to.

Here’s the rest of my favourites that I took tonight:

[nggallery id=25]


2 responses to “A Stunning Sunset Tonight”

  1. Love your sunset images!

    I was treated to a spectacular Christchurch sunrise while landing at Christchurch Airport a couple of days ago!
    On a cue from your blog I went to see Michael Parekpwhai’s installation at NG – Stunning!
    I published one image in my blog today.
    Cheers Michelle!


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