Waters Edge Apartments Demolition in Ferrymead

About 12.30pm


I went down at lunchtime and checked out the demolition of this apartment complex. It was too badly damaged from the earthquakes to repair, so has had to come down. It has not been a popular building as many think it’s not suitable to its environment (it has rather dominated the estuary). Still it was someone’s property, investment and home so I feel sorry for those who’ve been adversely affected by it.

And progress shots of the demolition below were taking at about 4.40pm.





2 responses to “Waters Edge Apartments Demolition in Ferrymead”

    • According to a news report I read 770 building in the central city have been demolished, with another 180 inside the cordon and around the city to be demolished. That of course can change at any minute as further structural checks are done on buildings. We’re still getting quakes (albeit quite small ones) but these are enough to damage buildings further that are already structurally compromised.


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