Easter Bunny Road Cones

How cute is that! An Easter Bunny decorated road cone. Love it. Makes me smile whenever I look at it. During Christmas, these same cones had tinsel on them! Love the effort that people go to with these cones, as it certainly brightens things up and is a lot of fun.

These cones are in Mt Pleasant and I saw photos of them on the Mt Pleasant Community Facebook page yesterday so had to go and check them out for myself this morning. So fantastic! And maybe just a little ‘scary bunny’ too 🙂 – both Bruce and I think the bunnies look like they’ve just popped up to scare me!

Have a safe and happy Easter wherever you are and whatever you are doing during the holidays. I’m off to Tekapo for a few days of tramping and relaxation – so you might just see a few Tekapo photos pop up on the blog!

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