Crowne Plaza Demolition

And so another city landmark is coming down. From what I saw on the news the other night, it looks like they’ve done the bulk of the demolition work on the Victoria Square side of the Crown Plaza. You can actually make out the Forsyth Barr building through one of the holes. It’s going to be very weird not seeing this building on this corner and being able to see Victoria Square from Victoria Road.

According to a Press article the demolition will be completed by June and the site will be grassed over.

Video Footage

Here’s a very quick video I took with my cellphone:

4 responses to “Crowne Plaza Demolition”

  1. it doesnt seem that long ago that you could see all the way down victoria rd into victoria square – before the crown plaza was built….but that was a while ago now i guess…thanks as always for keeping us up to date!


  2. I remember when this was the park royal and we used to go there for ice cream after functions at the town hall when I was younger… We used to think it was the grandest place ever.. Very sad to see it come down. 😦


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