A burger and chips at Burgers and Beers

Burgers and Beers used to be on High Street (which is now in the cordon). They have re-located to Colombo Street (by The Colombo shopping mall). We popped in there for a burger and some of their delicious chips and gravy. I’ve been wanting to go and have one of their burgers for months now, but my strict diet put a stop to that. Well since I was still technically in holiday mode I made an exception and had it as a treat. It was just as delicious as I remembered…

Bruce’s burger – now that’s what I call a REAL hamburger!

And lastly – the chips and that delicious gravy (which we split between us). The gravy brought back memories of Sunday roast dinners. Yummo!

2 responses to “A burger and chips at Burgers and Beers”

  1. Thanks Andrew. According to a new Lonely Planet Christchurch is now one of the most exciting cities in New Zealand – so another good reason to come and check the city out!


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