Sydenham’s Coffee Zone, The Big Wall, Greening the Rubble and the Community Chess Board

This is the Coffee Zone caravan that is now serving coffee and food on Colombo Street in Sydenham. I had a flat white and it was very good! I think it’s been there for about a month. I’ve been waiting for a nice sunny day to photograph it and today is certainly that!

There’s a lot going on in Sydenham at the moment which is very positive and good to see.

This is the ‘Big Wall’ a Christchurch Art Gallery and Gap Filler project with artist Wayne Youle. It’s going to be a giant shadow board (the thing you’d hang your tools on in your garage…). I’ll be back for progress shots – that’s a lot of wall by the way!

Spotted this Greening the Rubble sign on Colombo street (right by the dairy). Will be interesting to see what takes shape there. Check out their website for information on the Sydenham renewal.

And here is the chess board. It’s located right beside the Honey Pot Cafe on Colombo Street. It’s another Gap Filler project.



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