Fleurs Place, Moeraki

This weekend we headed south for a break away from Christchurch. We decided to treat ourselves to a meal at Fleurs Place in Moeraki which is about a half hour south of Oamaru (a bit along the coast from the Moeraki boulders). This is one of those places you have to experience – whether you are a foodie or not. I’d fall into the category of ‘foodie with training wheels’. I’ve always liked my food but I’ve not always been that discerning about it! But after the last year we’ve had in Christchurch I’ve had a bit of a lifestyle transformation (getting fitter and healthier) and part of that has involved being a lot more selective about my food and my food ‘treats’.

Bruce’s groper – wonderfully presented and apparently it was very very good

The setting for the restaurant is lovely – the Moeraki Bay is pretty and picturesque and the restaurant is all rustic charm and ambience. I highly recommend going there. I had the blue cod and it was delicious. The fish is all caught locally and from the restaurant windows you can watch the fishing boats coming in and out of the bay.

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