New Brighton Eco Market

This morning I checked out the New Brighton Eco Market in New Brighton mall. The market is one of the initiatives of the New Brighton Project – who work to foster New Brighton as an ‘inclusive healthy, stimulating and co-operative community’. Good on them, as New Brighton needs a helping hand. It’s no secret that this sea side suburb has struggled for some time now. Personally when I go to New Brighton I park near the pier, go for a walk, take some photos of the Pier and then leave (I certainly don’t go there for the shopping or ambience in the mall). I think I’ve had a coffee once or twice in the mall area. This is an area that badly needs to be revitalised – hopefully with the purchase of seven properties in the area by a local property developer the much needed capital investment will be injected that will boost the whole area.

So keep an eye on this little spot – and make sure you get along to the market and do your bit to put the New back into New Brighton.

That happens to be my horoscope for this week – apparently I should prepare to be in the ‘public eye’!

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