Ron Mueck Exhibition, Christchurch Art Gallery

This afternoon I went to the Ron Mueck exhibition at the art gallery. It is quite simply stunning and you must go and see these life like sculptures.

The Sculptor's Self Portrait

Man on lilo – he’s actually attached to the wall, but the other half thought it would be an interesting shot taken like this, and yes, he was right.

I think the old ladies were my favourite – and the wild man on the right is a bit unnerving to say the least (I was never really sure where he was looking). I went around the exhibition twice, and on the second time I think I spent more time looking at the people’s reactions to the sculptures (delight, surprise, intrigue, curiosity).

The woman in bed was huge – this is a big gallery space and she is probably the length of a shipping container – in fact I remarked that she probably needed her own shipping container to get her over here.

The man in the boat. What is he thinking? “That’s not how you row a boat? And why is he naked?

The baby (newborn) was probably my least favourite – it is also a massive sculpture.

3 responses to “Ron Mueck Exhibition, Christchurch Art Gallery”

  1. This is fantastic work. Thanks for posting. When I was in Columbus, Ohio, the art museum had an exhibition by a Canadian sculptor, Evan Penny, who did large lifesize scultpture like this. I spent hours admiring it. It was eerie. Check out


  2. This artist’s work is simply amazing…and to me…a little bit on the creepy side!!! Or maybe a better description would be that it would be a bit unnerving!!!


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