Project Legit Legal Graffiti in Waltham


This artwork can be see at Waltham Park. It’s part of Project Legit which is run by the Christchurch City Council. The project encourages graffiti artists to express themselves legitamitly, reducing the incidence of vandalism in the city. I can’t comment on whether it’s working, but I sure love the artwork.  Will post more tomorrow.

2 responses to “Project Legit Legal Graffiti in Waltham”

  1. this same concept worked for awhile in the LA area…until the art work got older and started showing wear and tear..then up came the grafitti again…some last, some not so much…”tagging” is not just about the art of what’s written, it is also often territorial… good luck! hope it is a successful project for you all “down under”!!!


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