Saving the Planet


This crowd scene is  from last weekend, and I’ve been saving it for a rainy day… And boy has it been raining in Christchurch lately! Anyway, these lovely happy people are supporters of the 350 Movement which says on their website that: “350ppm is the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide that scientists say is the safe upper limit for humanity. We’re currently at around 389ppm, and rising at 2ppm per year”.

So they want to get international agreement on getting those levels down. These people were standing in a 3 formation on the ground and photographers in a building a few stories up were taking photos. And of course I was taking a photo of the people having their photo taken as I thought it might be interesting. I think it is, as I rather like the looks on their faces !  And yes, if you took a way the signs it kind of looks like a revival meeting.


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