Sorry nice people only – Wunderbar Sign


Love this sign! This is the Wunderbar, a bar in Lyttelton (which is a port town). They only let nice people in.  I wonder what the test for niceness is? I snapped this with my cellphone after walking over the bridle path from Heathcote over the hill down into Lyttelton.

6 responses to “Sorry nice people only – Wunderbar Sign”

  1. Hmmm nice is not always a compliment (flash back to high school days and being described by a particular girl as “nice” – translation: safe and boring).

    Wow you’re quite the mountain goat Michelle strolling over the bridle path like that – impressive!


  2. I agree with Jas … ‘nice’ is such a benign word.
    Do my eyes deceive me or do both these ‘nice’ people on the sign have toothbrush moustaches?
    Niceness redefined perhaps … 😉


  3. @Jas, I firmly believe that nice guys do not finish last!

    And how’s this for impressive – yesterday I did the bridle path in the morning and the Rapaki track in the evening. Today I’m not sure I can even muster enough energy to do a lap around Hagley!


  4. That is a great walk, over the Bridle Path! You must have felt great after that, if not a little weary, and then the Rapaki! That is my favourite track, you must be a real energizer Bunny!


  5. @Nicky: Homesick yet? Guess it’s too soon. As for the energiser bunny, well doing a good impression of one, but then they keep going and going and going, whereas I kind of collapse on the couch!


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