The Blue Kiwi Antiques & Curios


This is the antique store that has the ‘buy anything old sign’ on their door.  So go to 180 Tuam street directly for old stuff.  I’ve never been in there, I dare not, I might come out with something I don’t need… yes, antique stores, and any jumble sale have a strangely compelling appeal for me, so I avoid them! Instead I photograph them!

3 responses to “The Blue Kiwi Antiques & Curios”

  1. It’s wonderful how you captured the character of the building in your photograph. Very nice!

    I have to agree with you about antique stores, yard and jumble sales and the like being compelling. All too often I depart with my arms filled with “new” treasures.


  2. Hi, I’ve lived overseas now for many years,and although I was never in your shop I knew it well as a child as my father and his friend had a printing business there, Fuller Bros, and I was in and out many times many times as a child and young person.. I was extremely sorry to see the damage done in the earthquake. Such a dear little building and now gone. So sad.


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