Bread at the Arts Centre Market


Doesn’t it just look yummy! I love bread, and it was difficult to resist buying some, but I was on a photography course and our mission was to capture certain items within a certain time.  I spoke briefly to the stall owner and he said people stop and photograph the bread ‘all the time’. I’ll definitely go back one weekend and get some.  Bread is proving to be a bit of a controversial subject in New Zealand at the moment – as of September folic acid will have to be added to all of our bread (except for organic bread). I don’t know enough about the subject to offer an informed opinion, but personally I don’t like anyone messing with my bread, and quite frankly over the last 10 years or so most mass produced bread seems to have lost a lot of its tastiness (my brother agrees with me on this one). Folic acid won’t be going into our flour so if you want to avoid the mass medication you can buy organic or make your own. Personally, I’ve just dusted of my bread make.

4 responses to “Bread at the Arts Centre Market”

  1. OMG – look at that bread! Delicious photo! That’s not fair! Can I order one of each?

    I love the 4 foto “today’s date is” thing! How do you paste four photos together? I’m an amateur!


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