Graffiti Art


Seen on a wall down the alley from SOL Square.

6 responses to “Graffiti Art”

  1. Graffiti IS art
    if you look at the culture thats been growing since the 80’s you would see that
    get out of your bubble
    and by the way, thats the artist letting people know that he/she is out there


  2. first. that pics a tag. and even tho taggin is classed as a form of graffiti. it isnt art.
    its a quick signature.
    Something that someone places to announce there presence.
    normally done with the dregs of whats left in ur can.

    Second. draffiti is, and has been an artform since its modern inception.
    wether its done legally or not, has never been the point.
    Its always been about the promotion and demonstartion of a writers ability as an artist.
    “to take them walls and make them beautiful”
    And becoz beauty has always been something different to the eyes that behold it,
    Different people are gonna see different things wen they look at a piece on a wall.

    Finally, graffiti like all forms of hip hop as evolved since its first renaissance.
    there are many forms of media that take elements of graffiti, and prosper from it.
    And becoz people see it, remember it and gain something from it,
    that more than justifies it as an artform……even if those who dont understand it
    continue to feed into prejudices about it.


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