Road Trip – Otago to Canterbury

I drove from South Otago to Canterbury (Christchurch) today, and took a few snaps along the way…

I’m not sure if the yellow is gorse or broom, but it looked very colourful. Taken north of Dunedin – coming up to Blueskin Bay. And yes, the sign is correct – it seems everytime I drive along this stretch of road there are wind gusts.

I’m ready for my close up lady!


This could be quite a few different animals this close up! Not the least bit intimidated by me or my camera…. I called it over and next thing he or she has its nose poked right through the fence at me! Scroll down to find out what it is!

Yes, a very tame brown deer. Taken at the Moeraki Boulder stop.

No, these were not put here by aliens!

These are the Moeraki Boulders – located just south of Oamaru. They’re pretty cool! They were caused by the cliff behind them eroding.

Find out more about the boulders from Wikipedia.

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