Hagley Villa for Lease

I was out walking through Hagley Park today when I noticed this piece of paper stapled to a tree. On closer inspection I realised it was about the villa directly opposite where I was standing. What a great marketing idea!


According to the sign, rent is negotiable, and includes the use of the convertible sports car. Looking for mature internationals! The villa by the way, is a typical Christchurch villa, though many of them have been pulled down and replaced by designer town houses (which is a real shame as the villas have such character).

3 responses to “Hagley Villa for Lease”

  1. I don’t think it’s an expensive part of town (Fendalton, Merivale and the hill suburbs are the most expensive). This villa is right by Hagley Park (which is huge and full of gardens and trees and is really popular with runners and dog walkers) so that is a big attraction. On the advert they say the rent is negotiable from $400 a week. Not bad considering you get a car too. It’s a six month lease, so my guess is the owners are off overseas – lots of New Zealanders aspire to living six months overseas – though most would leave during our winter not out summer / autumn!


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