Daffodil in Hagley Park

It’s springtime, and Hagley Park is full of daffodils.


6 responses to “Daffodil in Hagley Park”

  1. Hi Michelle, I’ve been in Cristchurch almost ten years ago. I love your city as I love New Zealand. A lot! I’m very happy you started this photoblog about your city and I am very sorry to not have visited it before.


  2. Hi there

    Absoloutely stoked to find your blog dedicated to CHCH!!!! I am an ex christchurian, and have been living in an extremely hot mining town in the north west of Australia for 2 1/2 yrs where at the moment is 40 degrees + every day…usually now 46 and gonna be above for a few months…its red dirt, and no greens apart from what they call salt bush that the feral camels and super skinny cows eat. I feel quite homesick at the mo, as i haven’t been back to visit yet ( home in Feb) but seeing all your inner city pics almost made tears spill out!!! I lived in town for a long time, like chester st east, cashel st. @ mins if that to get to the dux, ( that was pretty much my lounge room, along with the rest of the crew!!!) Can you do a blog sesh on one of those Tuesday evening art exhibitions?? Free vino, and all the same great faces to be seen? Anyway, please keep up the pics, i know it can be a bit dishearting when you put effort into a blog and not terribly much response, but zillions of people have a bit of a geeze and never leave a comment!!!! I had a blog about life in OZ, with pics of snakes and lizards and us 3 kiwi girls getting smashed and all, but haven’t dedicated any attention to it as theres been minimal feedback ( although everyone has said, yeah i’ve seen it and check it, but don’t leave commments!! Facebook i guess is the best way to keep in touch via computer means!!!0 anyway, don’t stop with the pics, its swells my heart with Aotearoian pride!!
    Yvette Andrews


  3. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for the enthusiastic comments! I have family living in Perth, so can begin to imagine how different it is for you. I wouldn’t trade places 🙂 like the green too much.

    I’ll definitely keep going with the pics, so keep coming back for a dose of home.


  4. […] Daffodil in Hagley Park | Christchurch Daily Photo – Paul @ Leeds DP: That fish dish looks great! I am not much of a foodie at all but I know what I like. Any place recommended by Rick Stein has to be. Paul @ Leeds DP: He looks a fine cat, love that he is perched on the till, not sure it looks comfy though. […]


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