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About Christchurch Daily Photo

The first ever picture published

Christchurch Daily Photo is a photo blog that depicts everyday life in Christchurch New Zealand. The blog was started by Christchurch resident Michelle Sullivan, after she was inspired by other City Daily Photo blogs including Paris Daily Photo and Auckland Daily Photo. The first blog post was of a daffodil in Hagley Park and was published on September 6th 2007.

Since that first blog post, Michelle has attempted to publish a new photo every day of Christchurch. Most days she succeeds, but some days are missing due to a lack of suitable photo opportunities, illness or simply being out of town. She was also unable to blog after a large earthquake struck Christchurch on February 22nd 2011 as she was without power for several weeks after the quake hit.

The blog has a Facebook page where additional photos are published on a daily basis.

About Michelle and why she started Christchurch Daily

Hi there. I’d like to welcome you to my photo blog. I started Christchurch Daily Photo on an impulse after seeing the other city daily photo blogs. As I am a self-employed Christchurch Web Designer I realised I could easily set up my own blog. Plus I needed a valid excuse to leave the house and take photos every day – a pastime that I love and never tire of (which is just as well really!).

Since the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, this blog is now an archive of iconic Christchurch images that can’t be seen again in real life. A lot of the wonderful old buildings I have photographed over the years (and even many of the new ones) have been demolished. Whole streetscapes have also been forever changed, with many vacant lots all over the city. Christchurch has been forever and irrevocably changed by a violent act of Mother Nature.

It has been a difficult time for Christchurch residents, but I have high hopes for our city’s future. Where possible, I have endeavoured to focus on some of the more positive things that have come out of this period in our city’s history, but it’s been hard to ignore and not record the realities of living in a city that has lost so much.

If you are thinking about visiting Christchurch for a holiday please do so, as there are still so many wonderful things to see and do. And where else in the world can you get a front row seat to a city being rebuilt from the ground up?

All photos are copyright Michelle Sullivan unless otherwise stated (excludes content from guest bloggers).

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