The BNZ Centre looking colourful

The BNZ Centre is becoming one of my favourite places to hang out in Christchurch – just grab an ice cream and a bean bag and watch the clouds float by in the sky. 

2 responses to “The BNZ Centre looking colourful”

  1. I love the perforated balcony panels as they somehow remind me of a cross between stretched out perforated rolls for player pianos created for applications to produce some kind of automated version of an ‘original Javanese music gamelan’ — and the coloured panels below these along with the ‘Moravian Star’ artwork in the plaza really create a most intriguing place to hang out indeed — lots to look at below the ever-changing clouds floating by …too 🙂

    The city where I’m living at could learn more than a few things in terms of making public gathering places much more attractive as well as interesting too!


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