Justice and Emergency Precinct Open Day

This is the new Justice and Emergency precinct, which had an open day today. According to the news, over 14,000 people went through the buildings. I had a strong suspicion that this was going to be a popular event, so get down there at 10 am this morning. Even then, the queue was pretty long. We Christchurch people turn up to openings!

Look at that queue!

The water feature has its first resident duck. It seemed rather pleased with itself. This water feature is actually a level above the ground floor, so good spotting on the duck’s part.

It was a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the government departments that will move into the buildings. I got to see the police cells, the courtrooms, patted a puppy police dog and picked up one of the armed offender squads guns (it’s ok, it was unloaded and allowed). I can report that the gun was very heavy. They also had a lot of the implements they use to break into a house.

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