A very special Blossom Tree

I went to the Botanic Gardens late this afternoon with the intention of photographing daffodils. But as is often the case with me, I got distracted by so many other wonderful things. In particular, I became a little obsessed with photographing this tree in the gardens. I drew me in like a magnet – with it’s splendid soft pink blossoms and the verdant green grass beneath it.

I spent quite some time photographing the blossoms when I noticed some activity in the tree.

Why… it is a wonderful little bird, a wax eye or silver-eye. Oh how fast they move though! So it’s quite a challenge to photograph them. You need a long lens, some decent light, and patience and determination. The reward is freezing a beautiful moment in time.

4 responses to “A very special Blossom Tree”

  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Michelle, I can see why you were a bit more than obsessed with photographing this blossoming tree contrasting against the bright green grass below, and the blue sky above, and with a bird amongst the blossoms posing for your pictures — no doubt you were most definitely ‘in the zone’ 🙂


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