Goldfish in Local Pond

I suspect these goldfish have been abandoned – I’m guessing they are not supposed to be in this pond in one of our local gardens. They are certainly very colourful though and getting very big. I’m not going to say where they are, as I don’t want to give anyone any ideas about dumping their goldfish there as well. They are a lot of work to care for (I have them myself) and they can live for many years (my first goldfish got to 10 years of age before getting sick). But they need a properly set up fish tank (not a bowl ok!). Of course, I could be wrong and these fish may be allowed to be in this pond  (but considering they are an invasive species when in the wild I really doubt it).

5 responses to “Goldfish in Local Pond”

  1. Judging from their fin structures, I believe these may actually be Japanese Koi fish — which adapt quite well to outdoor ponds. As for their legality in NZ?


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