Sunday Drive to Lake Coleridge and Lake Lyndon

Lake Coleridge

Today for the first time, I saw Lake Coleridge and then Lake Lyndon. I’m not sure how, but it came up in conversation that I’d never been to Lake Coleridge before, so a plan was hatched to take a drive there. It’s certainly off the beaten track (for me at least), so I’m not surprised I’ve not been there before. We made it a round trip by going to Oxford for afternoon tea and then back to Christchurch.

Lake Lyndon

The drive to Lake Lyndon is definitely a fair weather road – it’s gravel all the way and it’s not recommended in bad weather.

8 responses to “Sunday Drive to Lake Coleridge and Lake Lyndon”

  1. Those off the beaten track ventures can often be some of the most memorable. Looks like a lovely place for a picnic with heaps of great scenery! I remember seeing a picture of Lake Coleridge that Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, posted online from the International Space Station, I believe back in 2013. Lake Coleridge is definitely well into the interior of the South Island. Now, four years later I can finally see what it looks like from the ground — beautiful! Thanks for accepting that mission to explore this recently hatched plan and for sharing the pictures of both Lake Coleridge and Lake Lyndon too!


  2. I stand corrected – same mission, different astronaut.

    ISS Expedition 34/35: Lake Coleridge from Space photographed by Astronaut Thomas H. Marshburn on 17 Jan 2013


  3. Ah , yes . Lake Lyndon . From the web :

    New Zealand’s best known natural ice skating spot is Lake Lyndon, a glacial lake in the shadow of the Craigieburn, Torlesse and Big Ben ranges, in the middle of Porters Pass. The lake freezes every couple of years, and is an easy day trip from Christchurch. Check out some cool night skating footage on Lake Lyndon on YouTube.


  4. Wow, will definitely lookup the ice skating. Sounds like a fun thing to do in the winter as well. The lake goes right up to the main highway to the West Coast, so much easier access to it from that side. Might be a winter adventure!


  5. I lived at Lake Coleridge in the late 1960s. When I was a young teacher, country service was required. When I got the letter saying where I had to go, I had no idea where it was but I’ve loved it ever since and try to visit at least once a year. Next time, make sure you go out to the Point where there’s a small cemetery and pine trees with enormous cones. Such a fabulous view up the river, especially in winter.


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