St Ninian’s Church in Riccarton

It’s not common to still see a stone church still standing in Christchurch, so when I spotted St Ninian’s Church on Puriri Street in Riccarton today it certainly stood out to me. I love the green door it has.

6 responses to “St Ninian’s Church in Riccarton”

  1. Oh how lovely to see my old church in Riccarton! So many years ago I attended. Living overseas for 30 + years! Thank you for sharing! I love your beautiful photos of Christchurch!


  2. These photos made me really curious, so much so, I had to look up Saint Ninian at Wikipedia — quite an interesting background for this church’s namesake indeed!


  3. I admit it took a while to notice, but the timing for this photo is perfect. It’s not often the sun will be shining from exactly the right angle to pass through one corner window and exit through another to cast its diffused light squarely upon the green door!


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