Akaroa French Festival


I got to the Akaroa French Festival today – this is a an event to celebrate the history of Akaroa and its French origins. It was the 175th Anniversary of the first organised European settlement in August 1840. That’s me in my brand new red beret. I have French ancestry, but it’s very old and diluted by German and Irish!

6 responses to “Akaroa French Festival”

  1. Looks like you had a fun time indeed — love the red beret too! I know it must have been a busy day but just wondering if you had chance to explore the scenic harbour views along the south end of Beach Road just beyond the jetty you snapped the titled picture from?


    • We didn’t wander far – sticking mostly to the market area. I’ll be back there in a few weeks to celebrate my birthday so will have a better chance to wander around and take shots.


  2. I always enjoy your photographs. I was wondering how you manage to keep the beret on when you are swimming and how you hold the camera in your front flippers. You have a very good command of English for a dolphin. 😉


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