St Martins Primary School

St Martin’s primary school on Albert Terrace. What a cool looking school. I had never seen these buildings before – as I guess I just never need to go down that street. However, today I just randomly drove down there to see what I could see, and voilà, I see these super cute buildings. How neat would it be to go to a school like that every day? Initially I thought they were apartment blocks but then noticed the school sign.

3 responses to “St Martins Primary School”

  1. You are right it is a cool building and has served the school well in its short life as classrooms but it didn’t survive the earthquakes well and it looks like it will be demolished. Amanda Clarke-Mum of two great kids at this amazing school.


    • That’s such a shame. Hope they can rebuild and have the same amount of quirkiness. There is so much sameness around the city, that it was so refreshing to come across these. I guess it’s not surprising that the building got damaged, as that area did take quite a pounding and I think people are not always aware of the damage around that area.


  2. While it was being built the builders had a sign up “Yes, it is supposed to be like that” because of all the passers by who felt obliged to point out that the windows aren’t straight. It is supposed to look like a child’s drawing.
    I think it is less than twenty years old, sad to think that it will be demolished.


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