He won’t catch swine flu


Spotted from my prime position up the Cathedral, and zoomed with with my big lens. These three caught my interest, especially the chap with the mask on! I think NZ is over the swine flu for now…. but I guess when you are travelling it can pay to take precautions 🙂 I particularly like how they are positioned, and how the tour guide looks slightly bemused or perhaps bored.

7 responses to “He won’t catch swine flu”

  1. This is very timely…here in the States there’s absolute paranoia about the Swine Flu…which I think is being promoted to create a need for the nationalized healthcare plan that’s in the process of trying to be created… I’m curious…what kind of health care system do you all have in NZ???


    • Hi Kathy,

      In New Zealand we have a public health system that is government funded, or under-funded (like so many countries). Visits to a doctor cost around $30-50. Stays in hospital and surgery are free, but crowded waiting lists have been a problem for many years. But fortunately, we don’t have the situation where you absolutely must have medical insurance or you are not treated. However, medical insurance is proving to be popular due to the waiting lists, so if you have the insurance, and the procedure is covered, then we can go private. Also, we have a no-fault accident system called ACC (accident compensation), so if you have an accident and need rehabilitation then the cost is covered by the government. So treatments like physiotherapy is covered, and if you have to go off work, you get a certain percentage of you pay covered. Everyone has to pay into ACC, including self employed people like me. I think the ACC levies are going to go up quite a lot soon, and I suspect some people may have been ‘working the system’ including some health practictioners (about the first thing the receptionist asks you at the doctors is ‘is this the result of an accident?”!!


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