My Lolly Shop Creation

The Lolly Shop on Dyers Road is the go-to place for all types of delicious lollies. I discovered a few years back after going from supermarket to supermarket looking for spearmint leaves to top some cup cakes I was making. Eventually I ended up at the Lolly Shop and there they were in bulk. I find lollies very addictive, so I try to avoid putting myself near so much temptation. But today it couldn’t be avoided as I made my Christmas Holly red velvet cupcakes with jaffas and spearmint leaves on top. Oh and sprinkles.

3 responses to “My Lolly Shop Creation”

  1. Just catching up on your views of Christchurch, which I always love. This confused me for a minute, until I remembered that the definition of a ‘lolly’ is different in England and NZ 🙂


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