Christchurch enthusiastically embraces the scooters

Lime scooters on the coastal pathway

There’s a new trend in town and it’s coloured Lime green! Lime’s electric scooters have taken off in Christchurch in a big way with 700 of them now dotted around the city. I have seen them all over the place and while in the central city today, it was pretty much impossible to find one with any ‘juice’ left after 3 pm (no doubt a combination of the novelty factor, a long weekend and great weather). I did get to have a quick ride on a Lime scooter earlier this morning with a couple of my friends.

My friend discovering how much fun the Lime scooters are

I found the scooter experience ‘9 parts fun’ and ‘1 part slightly scary’ – as they go much faster than you are expecting. I didn’t actually check where the brake was before taking off – (don’t do that) but I was fine, as a child of a ‘certain era’, I naturally used the ‘foot on the path’ to stop.

If you want to try one out, best to locate one early in the day so it has a lot of charge on it. 

As a side note, I’ve seen a lot of people comment online that they thought they were too short to ride them comfortably, well I’m well below the ‘5 foot 5 average’ height for a female and I didn’t have any issues (except for not realising there was a break!).

Today, Christchurch was a vibrant fun-filled place with lots of smiling people having a considerable amount of fun doing things like kayaking on the Avon, lunching, hanging out in the library (those bean bags are super comfortable by the way), eating ice creams (everywhere it seemed), wandering around the gardens, biking, scootering (that’s an actual verb), listening to big bands playing live (they were even on the tram) – and just generally enjoying the great weather and the new sights and activities the city has to offer.

Christchurch is really starting to see the benefits of all the hard graft and planning that have been put in by so many people over many years of rebuilding. It might not be the city you thought it would be or the city some people insisted it should be, but it’s a city whose heart is beating very strongly again.


3 responses to “Christchurch enthusiastically embraces the scooters”

  1. It’s not just Christchurch, but I believe Lime scooters as well as Bird Scooters (which have black instead of green) have taken over the world by storm! We’ve had both types arrive here in Raleigh, North Carolina just a couple of months ago, and they have received the same popularity as in Christchurch — I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and lots of people are using them too.

    Love your photo seeing all the people taking advantage of the great weather at the Avon River too. 🙂


  2. People are having a lot of fun riding the #LimeScooters . This is also very helpful for those age of people who are not driving. This is an easy option to go home from the bus stop. Like it.


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