Muscovy Duck

This Muscovy duck was hanging out near the Nikau Bakery (opposite The Tannery).

You can learn more about Muscovy Ducks at

3 responses to “Muscovy Duck”

  1. Sweet! I guess you knew these photos would draw a response from me 🙂

    Interesting how no two Muscovy ducks are exactly alike but at the same time they are such a distinctive species when compared to other birds. We have them here in North Carolina too, and like the reference website you posted said they are much the same over here in terms of numbers, nesting habits and their lacking fear of humans as well as living in areas near to humans too.

    The first time I ever saw Muscovy ducks I thought they were weird and ugly, but now they are amongst my favourite birds, I guess because they are so different and docile, plus having done a bit of research in the past, I have learned of their interesting history and how they became established over nearly the whole world, except perhaps in polar regions.


    • Hi Robert, yes they certainly make for an interesting topic and are great photography subjects. It was only a few years back that I actually saw one for the first time – and wondered what the heck was coming up to me in a local park!


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