Bridge of Remembrance Re-Opening


A large crowd gathered to observe the Bridge of Remembrance re-opening today on Anzac Day. The bridge is a War Memorial was closed after our February 2011 earthquake and has since been strengthened (apparently it will now withstand a 1 in 2,000 year earthquake). So good to see another Christchurch landmark restored and to have so many people turn up to support this (crowd of around 1,000 people).

DSC04930 DSC04933 DSC04935

2 responses to “Bridge of Remembrance Re-Opening”

  1. You’ve captured quite a great group of photos on a very appropriate day for the reopening of the Bridge of Remembrance. I see you also snapped a classic picture of Bernard Shapiro having dressed the part along with his WW2 jeep! (He was one of the many unsung heroes who volunteered his time and resources during the recovery efforts after the 2011 quake.) I hear he also played the last post and reveille at the Bridge of Remembrance reopening too.


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